50 for 50Open call to the 100+ years of Gaithersburg High School alumni!
Help us give back to your school!

The Gaithersburg High School Education Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of our “50 for 50” fundraising campaign. To support the students and staff of Gaithersburg High School, the Foundation aims to raise $50,000 through donations from members of 50 different class years. If you are a GHS alumnus, the relative of a graduate or the parent of a future graduate, donate now. Class donations accepted, too!

Our greatest resource: YOU. Since 1904, Gaithersburg High School has been educating the students of our community. We have over 100 years of graduates, with many families boasting two or three generations of GHS graduates. That history is something even the down county schools cannot match. Let’s put that resource back to work helping OUR school. Here’s how you can help.

• If you are a GHS graduate, donate in honor of your class.
• If your mother, grandfather or other relative graduated from GHS, donate in their honor.
• If you have a student in the cluster now, donate in honor of your future GHS graduate.
• If your class is having a reunion, or recently had a reunion, make a class gift to the Foundation.

Remember, our goal is donations from or representing 50 different GHS classes! Everyone can donate. Every donation helps. Please donate now.

Special recognition will be given to the highest donating classes overall and in each decade. See how your class compares to other classes (coming soon!). To reach $50,000, we need at least 50 classes to donate $1,000 total. Please donate now.

Online fundraising for 50 for 50 Campaign