“I was surprised about the number of kids who were interested in our booth. Even middle schoolers were enjoying our booth. I wish we would have had another table to accommodate the amount of kids we had crowding around. Throughout the day parents complimented our booth idea. I also think we gained exposure for SNHS because people were asking about our chapter.”

– Charmaine Pfinayi

“It was really fun to interact with the kids. The presentation was well thought out, even some parents said it was the best booth they had seen.”

– Elisabeth Solomon

” The experience was fun and it seemed to be really enjoyable to the kids. I was glad that all of our preparation seemed to pay off because the kids really had a good time.” 

“What I liked the most about the festival was the kids and parents asking more questions about DNA. It’s a great experience to teach others. I honestly enjoyed the festival and helping/teaching the children making bracelets and drawing monsters.”

Thanks for everything!! It truly was a memorable experience and the SNHS members were really dedicated and helpful.

Kelly Hoffman
Gaithersburg High School
Science National Honor Society Advisor

Taking 200 students on a field trip is no easy task, but the generous help that you so graciously [provided] made it much easier for our students to be on this trip.  It was so apparent they were so engaged in the production of Romeo & Juliet at the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company in Baltimore.  The theater is built around a stage to replicate the Globe in Oxford, England.  The actors were so engaging with the audience and it was truly pleasing for our students to attend.  It was so good I intend to visit again next year.  Thanks again for your generous donation!

– Jeanne Clay

The GHS Education Foundation has been instrumental in keeping our book club going. It was difficult to find and borrow enough books to support our growing numbers. We urgently needed funds to purchase books so that no student would go without, due to financial need.  With the financial support of GHSEF, we are able to continue promoting the love of reading. Students are beyond excited to receive their new books and so eager to spend the day reading. Thank you GHSEF!

– GHS Book Club

Student Testimonials:

“The book club has permitted me to grow as a person. I’ve had the opportunity to work on public speech and analyze various texts in a discussion. In analyzing texts, I have learned how to better pick out key information. The relationships that I’ve made with my peers is refreshing. I would not have met some of the people I did, without this club. It’s too bad that not that many people are interested in such an amazing activity though. However, enough people are in the club that conversation easily flows.“

“The book club has benefited me because it has allowed me to meet other people that love reading as much as me. Also, I feel much more accepted and normal knowing that there are book lovers in my school. It has also broadened the genres I read, and the books we choose to read have taught me very much about how to be a better person.”

“I really like how we engage in interesting conversations on the books that we read. The books are also interesting and usually are different from what I would normally read on my own.”

“The Book Club has allowed me to structure reading time into my schedule that I otherwise wouldn’t do. Life can get so busy at times that I often forgot about my love for reading. Being in the book club has enabled me to read new genres and given me the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions as I read.”

“The book club provides a space where people can bond over a common medium, a medium that seems to be becoming less appreciated over the years. It brings forward a place that not only reinvigorates an endangered pastime but also brings together all sorts of people and allows them to collaborate and grow together. All in all, it’s just a good time.”

First, thank you so much your graciously supporting our endeavor to attend the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) 2018 professional teachers and leaders conference!  We had a wonderful time. This was my return visit to the ASCD conference as Tracy Grimaldo and Molly Donnellan were first time attendees. The sessions we attended individually and collectively were replete with information necessary to further build upon our teaching and learning capacities!  Having an opportunity to sit among, dialogue, and glean from teachers, teacher leaders, principals, district leaders, and superintendents from around the nation and world was invigorating!  We each walked away from the conference armed with strategies applicable to our respective ESOL classes and just the boost needed to finish the school year at GHS strong!

From our pictures below you can see we took advantage of the good weather and toured Boston after our sessions. We visited familiar sites such as Boston Commons, the Freedom Trail, and the state house. We culminated our stay with a visit to Harvard University and deposited our continued hopes and dreams for our students there!  In a few words, the experience was amazing and the best is yet to come!  Again, thank you for investing in our endeavor! We are grateful! 

ESOL Educators,
Belinda Campbell, Molly Donnellan, and Tracy Grimaldo